SHAME ON SwipeAuctions

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Back on 2010 i was Shopping for a camera and this company showed up offering better deals type like e-bay, they never told me i would be charged, when i noticed that, i called and they told me to fill a form and mail-in a request for refund, I did all that, mail the form to them but they never refunded anything; I called them again and they told me they don't do refunds, that i should use the membership since I already paid for it; I never did and nobody could do anything to help me out.. SHAME ON THEM!!

alfredoaaron wrote the review because of "ripped me off $159 :(" at SwipeAuctions. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $159 and wants SwipeAuctions to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Los Angeles, California 3 comments
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I was also taken for $159 by Swipe Auctions. Followed their refund instructions exactly. After six weeks and many chats and phone conversations, they now say no refunds, they are shutting down.

How many people are going to be ripped off by before they have a class action suit agianst them? Taking 150 bucks off people who think they are signing on to a secure, legitimate site. Sign me up to sue them. fraudulent business practices and the online operators are the worst. How do they live with themselves? You sign up and then they tell you your crdedit card has been declined, then tells you to try again. When you do you don't notice the change in the screen where it tells you you will be charged 159.00 bucks. they process this immediately then to get a refund the make you go thru all the hoops, smoke and mirrors to get it back. Making it too hard to get a refund




Colton, California, United States #1016581

Hello, 5 years ago the same thing happend to me.. they told me no refunds, i never used the account..

anyone received the money back?

how can i get mine?? please help, thanks!


159.00 down the drain, tried to get a refund thru allied wallets, but they said it had taken to long and they no longer work with swipe auctions, convenient isnt it? Class acttion lawsuit should be started anyone hear of anything in that regard?

to Jackie Ashdown Colton, California, United States #1016583

Hello Jackie,, i haven't heard anything.. Shame on this companies and more on the ones who have the power to do something and do nothing!!

Swipeauctions scammed me out of $159.00

Oak Forest, Illinois 0 comments
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I registered on Swipeauctions and discovered the very next morning that they had deducted $159.00 from my account without my knowledge this was going to happen. I called immediately for a refund and did everything I was supposed to do.

I Downloaded the form, mailed it and never received my refund.

I called the # given and couldn't get anyone on the phone and chatted with an operator online several times only to be given the run around and then discovered their website was no longer going to exist. I'd love to sue these people for scamming me!!!

Review about: Auction Bidding Website.

Monetary Loss: $159.

SwipeAuctions - SWIPEAUCTION - USA.

Eltham, Victoria County 0 comments

I guess it's the same. I got ripped off by SwipeAuctions.

I joined. Not knowing it was for free like eBAY, checked my visa statement and $170 gone. asked for refund and all i got from online consultants saying, email here to this address(you get a response) within 24 to 48hrs . I didn't . a week later. i again tried. no good. chatted to the online consultants , several of them actually. all the same. we are closing down due to legal proceedings. sorry sir, but is there anything else ??? what a load bull...s !!!!!!!!! i can't imagine how many people got "fried" by this company.

Review about: Auction.

SwipeAuctions - Being ripp off by Swipe

Washington, District Of Columbia 0 comments

Hello everyone,

The same thing happened to me in 10/11/2010. They says print off the refund form within 90 days and we sent it in before the due date. Then they NEVER contacted me. I chatted online 3 times with 3 different agents

and was told they could no longer give refunds. If there is a lawsuit to sue this scam business, please let me know.Im the mean time, I hope that there will be no more other people fall into this trap of lossing $159.00.

If anyone know how to help another potential victim, please do so.


Review about: Auction.

SwipeAuctions - I was ripped off $159.00 by Swipe Auctions

Kissimmee, Florida 0 comments
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I should only hope that there will be a class action suit against this company. I have also been ripped off for $159.00 and tried to follow the instructions to obtain a refund.

I had no idea that I was being charged that amount just for using the site. There was no section to review the application before aggreeing to the any fees. I spoke to a customer service person and they said I wasn't allowed the refund and I should have read the terms in the top lefthand corner of their site before putting in my credit card information. All sites ask for credit card info but always let you view before committing.

The rep said I could try to get a refund by following the refund rules. It would take about 10 days. Unbelievable! If there is an accidental charge for any customer, it can be adjusted almost immediately.

It's been since last November, and another request was sent in January.

I still haven't received a refund. If anyone hears of a class action suit, I'm in!!!

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SwipeAuctions - Swipe Auctions are thieves

San Francisco, California 0 comments

Swipe Auction is one of the biggest scams I have ever seen. I cannot believe they have not been shutdown and the owners arrested.

First they take your 159.00 slyly while diverting your attention during the signup process and get your credit card number by claiming they need it to pay for the merchandise you are going to "win". Ha. Ha. Ha.

Don't be a FOOL. Stay away from these ***.

If you call for a refund you discover that they have a 5-page refund "application" that requires you get reference numbers from your credit card company and all that must be mailed in and after 30 days, YOU must call in AGAIN to convince someone to process the refund. These people are thieves with a good web designer.

Review about: Auction.

Monetary Loss: $159.

SwipeAuctions - Took money our of our account $159. without our consent and won't give it back!

Akron, Ohio 0 comments
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We signed up for swipe auctions and they took 159.00 out of our account. Without our approval.We tried immediately to get it back, but they said we would have to fill out a refund form and send it in and would get our money back in 8 weeks.

We never received our refund and could not get on the site with our password or on the live chat. When we finally found an e-mail for a refund they keep saying it is past 45 days and we don't qualify for a refund. The 8 weeks we waited for the refund is past the 45 day period.

What a ripoff. We mailed the form the next day after we registered...but they don't care.

Review about: Website.

SwipeAuctions - Swipe Auctions Swipes money and runs!

Chico, California 0 comments

Swipe Auctions....biggest scam of 2010?

After getting burned by this company and doing a little research I feel like everyone else that was duped...this is an old *** with new names and really must be stopped.The BBB has them as close to an F and there are enough complaints on the Internet for me to know now that I was not the only one duped and ripped off!

When I signed up they had a Money Back Guarantee on the home page so I felt it was safe to at least try it...I mean if you can get your money back if you don't like it how can you go wrong....oh how wrong that was!

Review about: Penny Bidding.

Monetary Loss: $159.

SwipeAuctions - Swipebid auctions

Atlanta, Georgia 1 comment
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swipe bid rip me off for a $159.00 and tried to get my money back they told me i had to fill out a refund request form that was five pagers lone i didn't have to do that when they took my i would like to get my money so is there a way to get it back . if it is i would like to know how i can get it back. so if their someone out there that can help me they can reach me at this email in thanks in avance calvin

Review about: No Product Just My Money To Join.

Monetary Loss: $159.



I think you're screwed just like the rest of us. I've been trying to get my money back since August, I signed up but didn't dig deep enough to see that my card would be charged right away, weather or not I purchased anything.

And having followed all the rules including filling out and mailing in the refund form.

But all I get is the same answer when I called them. Somewhere in this site, you will see similar complaints, but I'm afraid your out your money like the rest of us.

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