How many people are going to be ripped off by swipeauctions.com before they have a class action suit agianst them?Taking 150 bucks off people who think they are signing on to a secure, legitimate site.

Sign me up to sue them. fraudulent business practices and the online operators are the worst. How do they live with themselves? You sign up and then they tell you your crdedit card has been declined, then tells you to try again.

When you do you don't notice the change in the screen where it tells you you will be charged 159.00 bucks.

they process this immediately then to get a refund the make you go thru all the hoops, smoke and mirrors to get it back.Making it too hard to get a refund

Monetary Loss: $159.


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I just found on my bank statement a $159.00 charge and I'm not even sure how it came about.


just close them sweendlers


:cry I'm not trying to be mean, so please don't take it that way but the one thing I always do before I give i cent to anyone is INVESTIGATE!!!! very important!!


Same stuff happened back in 10/11/2010.They says print off the refund form within 90 days and we sent it in before the due date.

Then they they NEVER contacted us any way shape or form. We online chated, because that is the only way, and they said the same things like they could no longer give refunds and some other *** like that. I am trying a chargeback.

we will see.I would love to be part of that lawsuit!


i would like to have the swipeauction contact number or email... if any body know please give it to me...here is my email....leomasaki@yahoo.com


WOW.I am not the only one.

they did exactly the same.

Can we massively suit them?

They basically stole my money.

I claimed the money back the same day I paid.5 mothts later after mailing twice the forms they said "you crossed the 45 days" soooorry.


I have all the copy of chating with swipe auctions. If anyone wants to have any proof then let me know.


Stole $159.00 from me. What should I do????

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #216227

Swipe auction took my money and told me my request for a refund through their merchant account has failed. They lost their merchant processing provider, and furthermore are unable to process any refunds.

Khot'kovo, Moscow, Russian Federation #206394

after jumping thru their hoops i should have had my money back but when i checked today they told me they were no longer giving refunds and were shutting down their operation according to Alice SA6690. how does one start or get involved in a class action suit?

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