I was at a new auction website tonight, (new to me) and I thought I would register.

I never did complete the registration process because I did not have have time to do so. I got some of the basic info filled in and created a password etc.

Before I came back to this website later on in the day, I had to go online and review my bank acct info online. Low and behold what do I see? A charge for $159 from Swipe auctions.com I thought there must be a mistake because I never bid on a single item and no one and nothing in writing or on their website indicated or even suggested that my credit card would be billed for this erroneous charge of $159. I ventured to speak with some Live customer service rep online and they sent me a bull---- form to download and fill out with my signature.

They never needed my signature to take my money why should they require one to give it back? This company should be ashamed of its recruiting tacticts and I for one, will never do business with a company that is deceptive in its practices to gain a customer database and secure funding. This is a scam and buyer should beware.

The first and most expensive 5 minutes you'll ever spend!!!

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